1 True Spirit という構想

「1 True Spirit」のウェブサイト (http://www.1truespirit.com/) は、私たち一人一人、すべての生命、そして、すべての物事の中に存在する、「唯一の真の精神 (1 TRUE SPIRIT) 」 を導きだそう、という考えに基づいて2010年12月に開設された。

この教室にはH.E.A.R.T. (Harmonized Energy And Right Thinking - 調和する力と正しい思考) が存在し、参加者が重要な問題を提起し語り合いながら互いに学び合う場所になっている。

Vincent Marx

Vincent Marx, M.Ed., currently teaches English at S.E.G. and is enrolled as a PhD student at Walden University. He obtained his Master of Science degree in Education from Walden University, and his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Saint Martin's University. He is certified to teach English in America and has obtained his Administrator-Principal certificate for Washington State. In addition, he earned a TEFL certificate while teaching English in Japan (6 years experience).

Publications: A Wonderful Thing, A Wonderful Thing Guidebook, Tsubuyaki Eigo Training, As a Man Thinketh, TOEIC Practice Books, I Can Read (children's stories), Ultimate Reading Library (Life is Good, Truth and Consequence, Going Home, and I Can Read Your Mind).

Other: Producer/Video Editor of various free hug videos, including a world-wide project for peace and a volunteer project for the earthquake/tsunami victims in Tohoku.